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Independent Theatre Consultancy


Current Projects

Business Planning and Organisational Change Projects

David is currently working with a range of organisations across England who are exploring new strategies that will help them deliver their vision and mission. This work can be manifest as a series of encounters with senior staff and trustees, or may take the form of structured practical sessions that examine the organisations place within its environment, whilst exploring new ideas and ways of working. David then works with the client to ensure that the results of this work are fully incorporated into current and future business plans.

Setting up a Charity

David is working with a range of arts organisations in the North West to prepare applications to the Charity Commission to either obtain charitable status for a limited company, or to set up a separate Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).


David is working with a National Portfolio Organisation based in the West Midlands to identify and secure financial resources that will enable this client to deliver specific programmes of participatory activity that will support marginalised communities who live in areas of traditionally low engagement in the arts and are associated with areas of multiple deprivation.

He is also working with a participatory arts organisation based in the North to review their overall strategy for project work and aligning this work with the funding strategies of a number of trusts and foundations.

Since April 2018 David has raised over £570,000 from Arts Council, Local Government, or from Trusts and Foundations to support the work of the organisations he is associated with.